How fast can you turn around an order?

Our focus is on doing the job properly! And archiving film and prints takes time.
If you have a specific need for a Quick Turnaround, we may accommodate with a Rush Fee.
Currently the turnaround time for most small orders is 1-2 weeks and 4-8 weeks for most large orders, large video transfer orders, etc, depending on quantity and type of media. 

Should I organize my media?

We’ll use any grouping you choose: whether your Albums are Labeled, you've included Post-It Notes between envelopes, designated specific years/decades, or titled your movies, we'll work with you to keep everything organized. 
Note: We are happy to accommodate naming scans in batches (i.e. stacks of photos from similar events, or complete albums) but do not offer to name every image or sheet separately.

How do I get my files once you are done?

All Digital Images are shared with customers via Download Link.
We also offer output to DVD and USB Drives for an additional $10 each.
Note: Customer files are backed up on our servers only up to 30 days after the date of completion, so we recommend downloading immediately and backing up the files any way you wish on your home computer(s).